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Multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Nikodimos is releasing his new single 'DISASTER', his debut single as a solo artist, which we have the pleasure of exclusively premiering.

Nikodimos - DISASTER

Found near the musically thriving Melbourne, the Naarm-based artist is known for his virtuosic command of multiple instruments and disciplines, playing with acts including Horatio Luna, Agung Mango, Proto Moro and many more. Having immersed himself as a key part of these acts, through performing and collaborating with them, Nikodimos has plenty of experience to call upon for his solo endeavours.

Nikodimos | Photography Agung Mango
Nikodimos | Photography: Agung Mango

'DISASTER' is a poignant single, solely crafted and created by Nikodimos. Feeding off the frustrations and tribulations of a whole series of COVID-19-related lockdowns in Australia's Victoria, 'DISASTER' is Nikodimos' musical response to the isolation and difficulties felt by artists - needless to say, a lack of support and being ostracised from their community.

Nikodimos | Photography: Agung Mango
Nikodimos | Photography: Agung Mango

Reminiscent of Flying Lotus and Shlomo, the confusion and anxiousness of the single begin with eerie keys and cosmic sounds. Soon, we have upbeat energy provided by a killer bass and Nikodimos' tight layered harmonies. However, the speed of the single is rapidly pulled right back, reflecting the monotony and seemingly endlessness of lockdown isolation. Nikodimos' wide-ranging musical ability becomes even more apparent in the last portion of 'DISASTER" as the already rich texture is added to by saxophone and flute lines, as the speed and energy of the single is sapped away.

This pained and musically rich outing paints Nikodimos' deftness and fascinating compositional skills. We're sure we'll be seeing much more of him in the years to come.

'DISASTER' is out on 11 October 2021, with the music video out on 18 October 2021


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