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PREMIERE: Horatio Luna - Milestones (Miles Davis Tribute)

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Horatio Luna - Milestones (Miles Davis Tribute)

Following on from his 2020 LP Boom Boom, Horatio Luna (aka Henry Hicks) is about to release his latest single 'Milestones (Miles Davis Tribute)', which we have the pleasure of premiering before its release.

Bassist, producer and composer Horatio Luna
Horatio Luna

Since its release, 'Milestones' has become a much-loved standard of the jazz world. Miles' 1958 classic saw him dipping his toe into modal jazz before 1959's game-changing record Kind of Blue. The original saw the legendary trumpeter and visionary team up with the prodigious group of Cannonball Adderley on alto sax, John Coltrane on tenor and Paul Chamber on bass.

Horatio Luna's tribute is full of furious pace. This modern twist sees Horatio infusing his love of jazz-influenced house, but also showcasing his outstanding technical ability. Throughout, we're exposed to Horatio's speed and dexterity on his bass, confidently striding through the changes. Just when you think he can't get much faster, mid-way through the track Horatio accelerates and flicks it up another gear, with his booming bass cascading over you. This infectious and raucous tribute is jazz house at its best.

Talking about the track, Horatio says: “When it comes to Jazz House we’re talking about the cross-section of two styles, where the line is often blurred and open to interpretation. This track however doesn’t hold space for subjectivity, this is the epitome of what jazzy house is, a Miles Davis tune performed by a band through the lens of a house producer...”


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