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PREMIERE: MABGATE - Tell It How I See It (ft. August Charles)

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The Leeds-based group MABGATE – formerly known as the MABGATE ORGAN TRIO – have teamed up with fellow Yorkshire singer August Charles to create a dreamy psychedelic number ‘Tell It How I See It’, ahead of the release of their self-titled EP.

MABGATE - Tell It How I See It ft. August Charles

MABGATE formed against the backdrop of the pandemic, coming together whilst living in a converted pub that became a hub for music creation. The trio consists of drummer Richard Moulton, organist/pianist Nico Widdowson and guitarist/producer Ed Allen.

Breakout Yorkshire soul star August Charles joins the trio for an emotive vocal

showing on the single that plays off the mixture of angular riffs and Latin-inspired harmony, exploring complex emotions around what he calls a "situationship".

On the track, August comments: "The guys came to me at a time when I was in a

situationship with an Austrian girl who came to Leeds to study... immediately when I heard

the track, I knew it had to be about how I was feeling in that moment, half of me, was

fighting to maintain this lacklustre relationship and the other half was trying to shine a light

on the fact that she was in the wrong and I was getting crucified for saying the obvious."

Starting with a moody disposition which returns as a hook throughout, the single soon shows its other side - dreamy psychedelia. The two straddling styles paired with August Charles' effortless soulful vocals and the group's dripping instrumental lines are wholly alluring.

The forthcoming EP MABGATE is the first project written and recorded outside of the

confines of lockdown, widening its scope and creative process and leading to the band

shedding the confines of being an 'organ trio', with contributors from the Leeds community, including saxophonist Alex Fisher and bass clarinettist Joel Stedman (Ancient Infinity Orchestra).


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