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PREMIERE: Siema Ziema - See You On The Other Side

As part of the release of their (aptly-named) sophomore album Second, the Polish-hailing outfit Siema Ziema has crafted the phenomenally hypnotic track, 'See You On The Other Side'.

Siema Ziemia - Second - Byrd Out - Jazz Revelations Premiere
Siema Ziemia - Second | Byrd Out

If you're not familiar with the quartet, the group relies on the energy of improvisation and the structure of electronic music, bound by a largely acoustic setup. The outfit is made up of Kacper Kruper (tenor saxophone/synth), Fryderyk Szulgit (guitar/synth), Paweł Stachowiak (bass/synth), and Andrzej Konieczny (drums/synth).

Siema Ziemia - Second - Press Shot
(L to R) Fryderyk Szulgit , Kacper Kruper, Andrzej Konieczny, and Paweł Stachowiak

The group, whose self-titled debut landed in April of 2020, has a reputation for genre-defying experimentation - drawing on jazz improvisation with breakbeat, IDM, and influences from underground music scenes. Inspired by the ephemerality and vulnerability of the world we inhabit, Second meditates on our connection to nature and our loved ones through a collective approach to music-making that emphasizes improvisation and spontaneity.

Beginning with a haunting saxophone riff from Kacper, we're soon greeted by a chest-thumping beat and crunchy synth. The initial swill of sounds dies away before glitchy textures make way for Fryderyk's thoughtful guitar, building before we're greeted with greater energy once more.

Although the rest of their music doesn't necessarily fit the same box, 'See You On The Other Side' certainly helps fills the spectacular cosmic void, left by the disbandment of The Comet Is Coming.


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