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PREMIERE: Snazzback - Stokes Croft Sleep Clinic (Feat. t l k)

Updated: May 9, 2023

Snazzback - the futuristic dance floor instrumentalists from the South West - have teamed up with fellow Bristolian, t l k, with a lovely tune from their upcoming album.

Ruins Everything is due to release on the 19th May, following in the fine footsteps of 2021's In The Place.

Snazzback - Premiere Stocks Croft Sleep Clinic - Jazz Revelations
Snazzback | Photo: Cameron Thaws

Stokes Croft Sleep Clinic is the second single after In Tides and it's another exciting glimpse into Snazzback's latest project.

Horn chimes dance off one another before a gorgeous percussive beat descends, typical of the group's influence from West African and Brazilian rhythms.

A track that is Bristolian through and through, Stokes Croft Sleep Clinic soundtracks the feeling of walking around the city in the early hours: the music captures the eerie beauty that only dawn can bring.

t l k's vocals come in after a long instrumental intro. Her singing is both wistful and powerful as it glides over the music and bounces off the tension-soaked calls of the horns.

Ruins Everything will be released on Worm Discs on 19th May 2023, an album that runs between euphoric grooves to dark ambience and abstract movements.

The technical brilliance is as high as it's ever been from the 7-piece group, and Stokes Croft Sleep Clinic provides another exciting teaser of what's to come.


Please consider making a donation to The Runnymede Trust and/or the Race Equality Foundation to help further equality within the UK.

Snazzback are:

  • Dave Sanders - Saxophone

  • Alfie Grieve - Trumpet

  • Eli Jitsuto - Guitar

  • Hal Sutherland - Keys

  • Chris Langton - Drum Kit

  • Richard Allen - Double Bass

  • Myke Vince - Percussion


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