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PREMIERE: Matt Wilde - Beaches Waving

Following on from the release of his debut EP Believe In Things in May of 2021 and on the heels of his J Dilla-tribute 'Dilla Impresses Me', Mancunian producer and keyboardist Matt Wilde is back with his newest single 'Beaches Waving' - which we have the pleasure of showcasing exclusively ahead of its release.

Matt Wilde - Beaches Waving - Root Records

Signed to Root Records, the instrumentalist-focussed sister label of DeepMatter Records, the Manchester-based artist has been raising his profile with his jazz-infused hip hop melodies and beats, having worked with fellow funky Mancuinains Secret Night Gang and Prose.

In Matt's characteristically hip hop-infused style, 'Beaches Waving' manages to capture the longing memory of being removed from a place we want to be - something scores of us felt across the world as we have been confined to our homes during the COVID pandemic.

'Beaches Waving' bursts into action with Kiefer-like keys and a funky synth bassline, with Joe Luckin providing us with a hip hop beat whilst Matt's blissful melody bounds along. In between the buoyant keys, Natty Reeves' guitar helps bring added colour and texture to this already bright tune, filling in the spaces and swelling like the shores we're visualising.

Talking about the track, Matt tells us "I wrote this track thinking about being trapped inside and really badly wanting some restorative time on a beach. We couldn't do that due to lockdown, so I imagined a beach waving at me from afar! It’s been incredible working with such talented artists Natty Reeves (guitar) and Joe Luckin (drums) whose unique contributions bring this track alive".

'Beaches Waving' is out via Roots Records on 5 October 2021


Presave Believe In Things here.

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