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PREMIERE: Matt Wilde - Strollin'

Manchester-based keyboardist, beatmaker and producer Matt Wilde is set to release his debut EP - Believe in Things - on the newly emerged instrumental-focussed label Root Records, a subsidiary of DeepMatter Records.

Matt's piano-led single 'Awkward' dropped at the beginning of April and we're pleased to have a sneak exclusive listen to his new single 'Strollin''. 'Strollin'' gleams with Manchester's magical hip hop mantra and is infused with jazzy chords and vibes.

Beginning with undulating broken chords, Carrtoons (Ben Carr's) bass soon bounces along with the rhythmically driven keys, accompanied by Oscar Ogden's sharp high hat hits. This gives a bed for Matt's synth to flow freely into the picture and is shortly mirrored by the soft Roy Hargrove-esque flugelhorn of Aaron Wood. The individual parts and lines effortlessly meld into each other, creating a bright head-nodding and jovial tune which leaves you hanging for more.

This jazz-hop inspired tune gives a tantalising taste of what's left to come from Believe in Things, as well as leaving us eagerly looking forward to what the future holds for this talented fusion producer.

'Strollin'' is out 6 May, with 'Believe in Things' being released 28 May 2021 via Root Records


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