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PREMIERE: Raffy Bushman - Distraction

Following on from his 2020 debut solo EP Look Up, composer and pianist Raffy Bushman is set to release his latest 5-track project Beginner's Mind.

Co-leading the East London-based collective Unit 31 as well as heading up the fantastic fusion NuShape Orchestra, Raffy's propensity to blur and meld styles comes through in his latest hip hop heavy EP. With the conflicted single 'Abraham' being released back at the end of April, we're pleased to give you an exclusive first listen to 'Distraction'

Raffy Bushman
Raffy Bushman

'Distraction' begins with Raffy's frantic trilling keys, met with Mikele Montolli's melody mimicking bass and all propelled with a hefty hip hop beat from Finn Booth. You quickly realise this piece is one of two alternating halves, as the trio winds down to let Raffy's keys wander whilst the bass undulates beneath before we switch back between thrusting trills and wistful wandering. The result is a distinctive, energetic piece that allows the group to shine.

Throughout Raffy's keys glide effortlessly, flicking and flacking between jazz and hip hop idioms, producing a hypnotic and opulent performance from the trio.



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