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PREMIERE: Matthias Lindermayr - Lola

German trumpeter Matthias Lindermayr releases his new single 'Lola', the second single to come from his Triptych album out on Squama Recordings on 5th November.

Having previously released two critically acclaimed albums with his quintet – Lang Lang (2015) and New Born (2018) - alongside playing with lauded Munich quintet Fazer, Lindermayr has become renowned for his stunning solos and ability to cross genres. He is set to release a project with French saxophonist and ECM artist Mathieu Bordenave in the near future that builds on his vast experience of studying at prestigious institutions like the University of Music and Theater in Munich, Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Jazz Institute Berlin throughout the 2010s.

'Lola' is a beautifully tranquil piece of music. In a minimalist setup with acoustic guitarist Philipp Schiepek and percussionist Simon Popp, the track evokes what the rest of the record is about - exploring lower dynamics to hear the breadth of the gentle, quiet and warm tones of the trumpet.

“Lola is maybe the most soulful and quiet song on my upcoming record. Unlike my other tunes, it’s composed on guitar as a reference to past days, when I was writing Indie Pop Music. The name Lola is referring to my, back then, unnamed and unborn second daughter.”

The serenity and pure chills that run through your body is mesmerising when Lindermayr enters after the entrancing guitar intro. Delicate touches from the cymbals accentuate certain phrasings that breathe a mellow energy to the music. The relaxed nature of 'Lola' is broken up when these tensions build up softly.

“In my previous bands, I always had the feeling that my strengths on the trumpet didn't always come into their own. In this line-up, there is finally a lot of room for me. Even quiet, nuanced things don't get lost in the hustle and bustle, and even when things get wilder we are at a dynamic level where the trumpet doesn't have to scream.”

Inflections from Schiepek's guitar and Lindermayr's trumpet provide more emotive sensations and creates a heartfelt monologue from the trio. The interplay between all of these instruments allows you to float away and there's a hint of a psychedelic-folk sound to the recordings.

“I wanted to write simple melodies that my fellow musicians could play immediately, so that they could concentrate even more on sound and interplay when rehearsing and recording. The other half of the pieces were two-part compositions that I had written for a duo formation, but whose character demanded a different instrumentation.”

The depth of Matthias Lindermayr's 'Lola' blends together jazz with both an acoustic edge and a nuanced approach to classical music in the richness of the composition. Check out the rest of the album upon its release for a truly engrossing and spellbinding record.

'Lola' is out on 22 October 2021, with the full album Triptych out on 5 November 2021


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