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PREMIERE: Lindenbaum Modular - Song For The Sky

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

A brilliant new single from one of our favourite local producer wizards, Leeds synthesist and electronic musician Lindenbaum Modular, has arrived titled 'Song For The Sky' out on May 17th.

A tribute to the view from Lindenbaum Modular's velux window, the track begins with a blipping and blooping glow that brightens like a sunrise. The cymbals shimmer and rattle with a sparkle before George Purnell lays down a grooving, dancey drum pattern to maintain consistency amongst all the flurry of modular sounds flying off in all directions.

Focused on instilling his music with a sense of immersion, Lindenbaum describes how he wanted to create this experience:

"I really like creating environments. With one of the songs I've been working on, I made all these different sounds, and it almost sounded like a rainforest, with loads of different types of animals, and you could have each one phasing in and phasing out. By putting it in the left and right speakers, you can almost get the illusion that things are whizzing around your head"

Blending the organic and electronic sounds together, 'Song For The Sky' blends these gorgeous vocal textures with the live drums and synth lines that soar for days. The sounds dropping off and coming back to the fore gives the impression your bustling through nature as the energy to the soundscape is entrancing.

The breakdown breathes long gushes of crisp euphoric beauty into the air before the lighter synth pattern leads the charge back into the groove as everything starts to gallop up and away into the sky. The feeling of the song is similar to the illuminating energy pouring out of your body when you start to come up strong on a tab, with the boundlessly excitable mood feeding into a sense of complete joy.

The cover design for 'Song For The Sky' has been created by the supremely talented Jay Vaz who runs the creative studio The Mannequin Collective and arts discovery platform Dreaming Vinyl who have been commissioned works with the likes of Alicia Keys, Jorja Smith, Yussef Dayes, Kali Uchis and labels such as Blue Note, Rhythm Section International, and Eglo Records.

The inspiration comes from Lindenbaum Modular's musical setup - the cabled connections between his synth modules, as well as the copper circuits of the circuit boards underneath, creating a visual experience that reflects the physical process of crafting the record. The deep orange and reds of the artwork add to the vibrancy of the track as you can sense the colours blurring and merging together as the sounds fuzz and zoom in and out of the circuits.

After performing wonderfully experimental live shows at Inner City Electronic and Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds over the past couple of years, this track follows on from his first singles 'Opus' and 'C Is For Canada', which he received support from Music:Leeds Launchpad and BBC Music Introducing for.

This track is a juicy introduction to Chroma which is his debut EP out on July 17th on Local Network Records. Lindenbaum Modular once again demonstrates his amazing depth and detail in creating a divine and blissful journey in just five minutes.


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