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PREMIERE: Jerk - The Bridge

Jerk - The Bridge, taken from his upcoming project 'Circling'
Jerk - The Bridge

Jerk – Brooklyn-based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Kinney – is back with a brand-new beat-tape Circling, which follows on from his 2020 release Some Cosmic Shift. Composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Jerk himself, Circling is a collection of songs which is inspired by the people, places and experiences in Jerk’s and his fellow collaborators lives.

Joshua Kinney - Jerk
Joshua Kinney - Jerk

Inspired by Williamsburg Bridge and made famous by legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins, we’re proud to be premiering the lead single from the upcoming project – ‘The Bridge’.

Starting with ethereal swirling sounds, the landscape is greeted by a deep thumping hip-hop beat. The track builds through complementary stab chords from the keys, developing into a wistful melodic line which is supported by warm bass grooves, eventually giving way to Jerk’s noodling sax line. The track climaxes with a burst of cheerful energy as the keys and sax mirror each other, bolstered through a pronounced loose bass and a high-flying Bill Laurance-styled synth.

Reminiscent of a crisp early morning of a city which wakes and erupts into life, ‘The Bridge’ is the sort of bright, optimistic song which we all need right now.

'The Bridge' is out via DeepMatter Records February 16th 2021, with Circling released in May.


Once available, you can buy and listen to 'The Bridge' and Circling here:

Keep up-to-date with Jerk here:


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