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PREMIERE: Bentley & Horatio Luna - Bingo Bongo

Sydney-based drummer Bentley has teamed up with bassist Horatio Luna to forge their latest project - Less Thinking More Dancing.

Bentley & Horatio Luna - Less Thinking More Dancing

(Mike) Bentley is a drummer who collaborates with friends around Sydney and Melbourne, creating deeply groovy, rhythmically hypnotic journeys through jazz, hip hop and house. Less Thinking More Dancing follows on from Parlour Cucina released in May 2021 with synth trio Foshe.

Less Thinking More Dancing was created from a 2-hour session of improvised house and instrumental hip hop, injected with a modern jazz influence. The record features blistering drums, smooth sambas, up-tempo swing, deep funky basslines, warm chords, synth strings, energetic keyboard solos and Afro Cuban rhythms - all set to the tone of grooves within the realms of house and hip hop.

The first single, 'Bingo Bongo', is a snippet from the session giving a taste of the full project, and we have the pleasure of premiering the track ahead of its release.

Resting on an uptempo samba rhythm supplied by Bentley's high hat hits accompanied by Horatio Luna's swirling bass groove, we're immediately hit with a burst of lush minimal chords, played by renowned Sydney keyboardist Daniel Pliner aka Planeface. Throughout, the keys dance on top of Bentley and Horatio's playful conversation and intoxicating energy, rising in intensity, before pulling back again, leaving you with nothing but a taste for more.


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