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PREMIERE: Awen Ensemble - Warp

Fresh out of the blocks, the Leeds-based Awen Ensemble are greeting the jazz world with the release of their second-ever single - 'Warp' - pulling in inspirations from all around the musical globe.

Awen Ensemble - Warp

Having joined forces at the famed jazz factory which is Leeds Conservatoire (formerly known at Leeds College of Music), the young sextet are determined to showcase their love of modal jazz. Awen Ensemble's compositions display an eclectic mix of global folk colours and fruitful harmonies - stewed together tastefully. Awen Ensemble is made up of Emyr Dance (trumpet), Saul Duff (tenor sax), Samantha Binotti (vibraphone), Ruari Graham (guitar), Joe Wilkes (bass), and Eddie Bowes (drum).

Awen Ensemble
Awen Ensemble

The second in a trilogy of singles called Live from The Green Room, 'Warp' is a scintillating single which flits between two fascinating melodic passages. One side of the melodic passages is a soft, Brazilian-tinged groove, whilst the other is bolder and more Arabic in style through its modal sensibilities. This shift between the two melodic keeps you engrossed, building to the climax of Ruari Graham's guitar solo, which subtly glides overhead the rest of the ensemble. The climax of the single sees Ruari leading the final frenzy, with a frenetic exchange taking place between Emyr Dance and Saul Duff on the horns.

Now having two singles under their belt, with a third due in the coming weeks, Awen Ensemble has staked their place within the rich Leeds jazz community. The group are rightfully garnering attention and we eagerly await their progression onto the wider scene as their status is set to grow.

'Warp' is out on the 4 November 2021 as part of the 'Live from The Green Room' trilogy


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