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PREMIERE: Yaatri - Where Did I Go

Leeds quintet Yaatri release their third single 'Where Did I Go' from their upcoming debut album 'Lucid'. The single unravels from the hypnotic guitar picking into beautiful harmonies brought together by vocals that enchant and charm your body's senses - it is a typically powerful but elegant piece of music Yaatri has become known for.

Inspired by the cyclic rhythmic patterns of Indian Classical music, this track sees them collaborate with producer Sam Hobbs (Keeley Forsyth, Kefaya) to combine this influence with their love for immersive electronica and the power of rock and roll energy. The result is an emotive soundscape that transports you to a higher spiritual place.

After gaining support from Jamz Supernova's Selector Radio, Bandcamp Weekly, and Jazz FM from their previous singles 'Gold' and 'In The Clouds' from this upcoming album, this track makes use of a form reminiscent of a jazz standard as a means of exploring space, texture, and improvisation. The guitar has a folkish element to it as the journey through the song changes with inflections from the keys, bass and drums. B-âhwe's vocals add a sense of mystery with her hauntingly, chilling voice creating a trance-like sensation.

The movement between different sections evolves nicely and without any obvious breaks, there is a hypnotic repetitiveness to the track. Different stabs come in to provide new textures and with the bassline holding a tight grip on the pulse in sections that build up into an engrossing climax, the tension is released to make way for group leader Liam Narain DeTar's guitar solo or B-âhwe's lyrics to prowl through the grooves.

Her words offer an emotive insight into the feelings of someone losing themselves in a downward spiral brought on by a toxic relationship. There is an intricacy to the compositions Yaatri create but on 'Where Did I Go', there is a relaxed feel that seems more intent on letting the mood take over and let you sink into the atmosphere the track produces.

Supported by organisations such as Leeds Conservatoire, Manchester Jazz Festival, and Jazz North, the latest single follows on from their self-released debut EP ‘Reach’. The EP has accumulated over 125k streams and been featured internationally in publications including Rolling Stone Magazine India, championed by the likes of Jazz FM’s China Moses and purchased on vinyl by fans in England, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

Following in the footsteps of artists such as Siweto Kinch and Roller Trio, Yaatri received the esteemed Peter Whittingham Jazz Award in November 2020. It is a great step for them in cementing their place in the UK jazz scene after flourishing in the Leeds scene since 2018.

'Where Did I Go' is out on the 18 November 2021, the third single from Yaatri's upcoming debut album 'Lucid' out in February 2022.


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