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PREMIERE: Inhale Exhale - Jazz Plus Ensemble

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Promoter and record label Jazz Plus Productions have formed their long-awaited project - the Jazz Plus Ensemble.

The new ensemble brings together a group of young musicians to reinvent a jazz big band sound. The collective is 18 strong, with trumpets, trombones, saxes, rhythm and vocals.

The group's debut album 'collective' will be released in July and they've kindly given Jazz Revelations the premiere of their interpretation Nao's popular song, 'Inhale Exhale'.

The arrangement by Jazz Plus Ensemble Musical Director Chris Jones is a creative and explosive rendition which breathes life into Nao's classic tune, with the music video cut in such a way which ensures the audience absorbs the action and dynamism of the group.

Each member and section bounce off each other with vigour and excitement. Vocalist Laura Paul's lucid style effortlessly stamps her own distinctive mark onto Nao's vocal line, whilst soloists Matthew Sulzmann (soprano sax) and David Sear (trombone) perform valiantly.

This exciting performance gives just a little taste as to what these group of young musicians are capable of. We can't wait to see their next single.


You can stream 'Inhale Exhale' here

Keep up-to-date with the Jazz Plus Ensemble here:


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