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Hold On Tight - Night Giants (EP PREMIERE)

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Northern-based electronic duo Night Giants are set to release their Sprechen Records debut with Hold On Tight on the 3rd of June. Fusing the vibes of The Chemical Brothers with a dash of Bonobo, a sprinkling of Caribou, some Friendly Fires style vocal harmonies and a finishing touch of warehouse acid squelch, Night Giants certainly produce a unique style and distinct sound. The 6-track EP sees 3 original tracks from the duo, with remixes from Mike Simonetti, Jon Dasilva & (Chris) Massey who craft more dance floor orientated takes on the tunes.

The EP opens with the title track 'Hold on Tight'. A triumphant solo synth sets the scene, with the layer thickening through the addition of interjecting claps and tapping cymbals before synchronised vocals enter and a booming beat comes into play. The tune dies down with a lonely fuzzy guitar taking centre stage, accompanied by the original vocal loop building up to the drop before we're hit with an infectious beat.

The single - 'Love Someone' - is the second tune on the EP, starting with a falling synth pattern and a panning cymbal tatter. 80's-esque vocals are paired with a blaring bass beat as various synth layers build us to the cosmic inspired drop.

As the name suggests, 'Dissipate' contrasts to the other tunes on the EP, as it is slightly darker and eerie in tone. The atmosphere is set with clicks and a distant vocal, the bridge being stripped right back before driving synths and dancey claps carry us to the end.

Hold On Tight shows how the duo's tunes foster a fusion of retro 80's electronic and futuristic space vibes, having been crafted solely on analogue hardware. The tracks are filled with boundless energy, featuring layers of synths, harmonizer vocals, soaring pads, arpeggiators, catchy riffs and playful drops.


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