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Yaatri - Gold (Single Review)

Leeds quintet Yaatri presents their new single 'Gold' which is the first track we hear from their upcoming debut album Lucid.

As with their EP release from last year, 'Gold' continues their enthralling and dramatic sounds influenced by the propulsion of Indian rhythms, immersion of electronic music and energy of rock 'n' roll.

With the delicate guitar starting the track off, the intricacy of their playing begins with the entry of the vocals from b-âhwe as her melody gently touches the vibrations of rhythm section moving forward with their emotive playing. As the choruses come in, the riff flicks and the elegant vocals wrap around your ears beautifully.

There's a soft psychedelic charm in the breakdown as they ensemble into an outro that features collaborator Zuheb Ahmed Khan on tabla. The combination of jazz harmony and Indian folk rhythms come to a heady rush of momentum. The feeling the lyrics describe in being intoxicated by golden energy and being enamoured by someone's positivity really come to the fore at the end in the magnificently live and powerful ending.

With sounds that always seem perfectly layered up with the textures of piano, silky guitars, vintage synthesisers and percussion moving in and out of engrossing grooves and supported by angelic vocals, Yaatri are setting themselves up for a stellar album release that should not be missed.


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