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Wycombe Sound with Ally J Steel

Starting Saturday the 10th of September, Jazz Revelation's Ally J Steel will host a monthly slot on the multi-award-winning local radio Wycombe Sound, available online and on 106.6fm.

Taking over the Club Wycombe slot, Ally will showcase all of the music which makes up Jazz Revelations - tracing the connections between jazz, hip-hop and electronic music.

Wycombe Sound with Ally J Steel

The slot will see Ally regularly joined by guests for our new feature 'On Rotation', with the hailed flautist, saxophonist, and composer Chip Wickham joining us for the opening episode.

Chip Wickham - On Rotation - Wycombe Sound

This new slot will usually broadcast from 2200 until 0000 on the second Saturday of the month, but due to programming changes following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the inaugural show will take place from 2000 until 2200 on Saturday 10th September.

Here are the dates for the remainder of 2022:

10 September 2022 | 2000-2200

8 October 2022 | 2200-0000

12 November 2022 | 2200-0000

10 December 2022 | 2200-0000


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