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World Boogie Jukebox - Caribbean Mix

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Ben's show 'World Boogie Jukebox' presented through Leeds Student Radio on 4th December, explored the music from the Caribbean islands. The hour-long mix includes music ranging from reggae, soul, gwo ka, jazz, latin, zouk, funk and disco music.

Mongo Santamaria

You can listen to the mix here:


1) Joe Higgs - There's A Reward

2) Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Jamaica Ska

3) Black Machines - Soul Martinique

4) Ti Celeste - Pa Dekouraje'w Toni

5) Daymé Arocena - La Rumba Me Llamo Yo

6) Mongo Santamaria - Mamacita Lisa

7) Yelfris Valdés - Full Moon

8) Kassav' - Lagué Moin

9) Lord Shorty - Sweet Music

10) Shadow - Let's Get It Together

11) Gerard PJ Browne - Sexy Lady

12) Trinidad Troubadours, Tony Ricardo - Disco Music

13) Tru Tones – Dancing

14) St. Maarten's The Rolling Tones - It's A Feeling

15) Merchant – Tumbledown

Tru Tones - Let’s Party [on in the background]


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