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Tempo Feliz - Respirar (Single Review)

Leeds-based Brazil-inspired ensemble Tempo Feliz release the first single and title track of their upcoming album Respirar, a booming disco groover full of samba, batucada and MPB flavours.

Out today on Hyde Park Book Club (HPBC) Records, this single is written for the dancefloor with the horns section provding a natural energy and bounce to the rhythms of the drums and percussion layered in with the funk guitar.

This anthemic track translates as 'to breath' and the moments of calm in this song allow the audience to settle collectively before the catchy melodies spark that fire and drive to bop around to the tune.

A remix from Sibson is the B-side to this single. The Leeds born Berlin-based producer, who made a name for himself hosting the Elevator East parties in London, displays his immense musical knowledge in production here, with left-field electro-acid touches making this a fun Balearic number. Now working with the Balearic Ensemble label, Sibson is making waves across Europe and Tempo Feliz is honoured that he has remixed the first single.

Tempo Feliz is a 9-piece ensemble and a Music:Leeds Launchpad-supported group who have have been performing on stages throughout the UK. Respirar was written during the band's 5 years gigging and experiencing the ebb and flow of audiences on the dancefloor.

The album, spearheaded by guitarist Rich Vickers and saxophonist Henry Weekes, was recorded at Eiger Studios in 2020 and they will be launching their debut album on the 20th May at a sold-out show at the Brudenell Social Club.


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