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Space Dolphin - À la roi (Single Review)

Leeds hip hop improvisation outfit Space Dolphin have released the first single 'À La Roi' featuring MotorMouf which comes from their upcoming debut LP More Than Soul.

The single is superb and captures a wonderfully breezy hip hop vibe mixed in with classic jazz-funk rhythms. A play on words (roi meaning king in French), 'À La Roi' is a sonic tribute to Roy Ayers, the king of vibraphone himself. Having supported Roy Ayers in 2019, Space Dolphin wanted to re-capture the energy and feel of that show.

You'd expect this kind of high-quality track from a more established artist as this song could easily fit into one of Ayers albums, there's such a timeless feel to the sound and you can imagine MC's dropping this in hip hop jams back in the 80s/90s scene. It's in the pocket boombap that you can imagine Herbie Hancock producing as well.

The vibraphone motif bounces happily with the piano stabs and relaxed drum beat, and the breaks have vintage energy to them. The mellotron strings continue the beautiful flow that chills through, whilst MotorMouf's cool lyricism beatboxes in time to the rhythm that has dubby turntablism chop in and out. There's nothing that isn't anything less than sensational about this song.

This track marks a 10-year friendship between MotorMouf and Space Dolphin producer Jake Mehew. Having both cut their teeth in the Nottingham music scene, Space Dolphin have broken out into the north of England and brought with them the best rappers, wordsmiths and musical mavericks Notts has to offer. They present these artists on their debut album and collaborate with them to show the different flavours of hip hop they enjoy - it is due out on 25th June 2021 and we cannot wait for it!


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