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Ruben Astley - Housebound (Single Release)

Bright, fresh and evocative, 'Housebound' is the breakout debut single release from Ruben Astley.

The young independent London-based producer has firmly set himself on a course for a promising career. At just the age of 21, during his time at Westminster he's studied under the optics of producer Glen Skinner (Boy George), Matt Gooderson (Infadels) and guitarist Robin Banerjee (Amy Winehouse), as well as playing a part in a Brian Eno project at the tail end of 2019.

As the name suggests, 'Housebound' was created and recorded whilst in lockdown. Despite its name, the single is not restrained - projecting the antithesis to the lockdown through a free and confident spirit. Set by sparse keys, we're greeted by a colourful jazzy-psych guitar riff which sets the tone of this single. Propelled by a laid-back hip-hop beat and a deep reverberating bassline, the tune's summery vibe is intoxicating.

Atmospheric, funky and luscious, Ruben Astley's debut single is mightly impressive, and we can't wait to see what the rest of 2020 will bring for him.


Ruben Astley (producer) Peet Jackson (bass), Ben Hughes (Guitar) and Julian Schoming (Keys).

You can stream 'Houseband' via Spotify or Apple Music

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