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PREMIERE: Vertaal - Kora

Vertaal - Paradigm Shifting

Last year, we saw the release of Paradigm Shifting - a digital mixtape released by London-based duo Vertaal (drummer Ajit Gill and multi-instrumentalist Theo Howarth). Following the praise and reception of the project - including being nominated for EP of 2020 at the Jazz Revelations Awards - the pair have remixed and re-recorded Paradigm Shifting to transform into a double LP.

Ahead of the release of Paradigm Shifting Extended Edition - which is being released as a beautiful blue marbled LP - the dynamic duo are allowing us an exclusive premiere of 'Kora'.

Vertaal - Paradigm Shifting Extended Edition (Vinyl)

A celebration of friendship and the start of Theo and Ajit’s life as Vertaal, 'Kora' was one of the first songs the duo wrote together and a continual feature of their live sets. Fusing together their contrasting musical worlds, 'Kora' laid the foundation for their future output and how the pair would use their creative differences and influences to form the core of Vertaal. The track features the blissful sounds of Severin Bruhin (Savri) on bass.

Beginning with crunching stabs before cascading heavenly harmonies bursts through, the listener is swayed by Ajit's heavy hip hop patterns whilst Theo's trippy synth converses with Severin's bass. 'Kora' gives you a tantalising taste for a record that should be on any jazz-hop fan's radar.


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