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PREMIERE: Robohands - Giallo

London-based composer/instrumentalist Andy Baxter, aka Robohands, returns with an experimental track coming from an EP to be released on Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz Recordings on 21 October 2022.

EP artwork that states 'Robohands - Giallo' on a yellow background with different shapes in white dotted around

'Giallo' is the title track from the EP, one that starts the record in a particularly eerie and foreboding mood. Inspired by Italian Giallo (meaning 'yellow') film soundtracks of the 70s - crime and mystery films known for their psychological thriller, horror and slasher content - the track sets up a menacing feeling with synths piercing in a chilling effect as the drum breaks cut through.

Armed with an old Juno 60 synthesizer, Andy wrote, recorded, and mixed all the parts himself, including the live drums, adding in multiple layers of effects. Drawing upon the experimental sounds of pioneering krautrock bands like Tangerine Dream and NEU!, there is an atmospheric meditation to the song as different layers of synth riffs float through before a low murmur trickles out to a fuzzy glow at the end.

A man with facial hair stands in fonrt of a wall, wearing a grey hoodie under a dark bomber jacket and a dark baseball-style cap.
Credit-Francesca Uberti

The tension in the song lends itself to a cinematic quality that continues throughout the EP into more improvisational pieces. The record moves into more experimental places than some of his previous and acclaimed work, such as the 2018 cult classic Green and the following Dusk, Shapes and Violet LPs.

Those records have sold out multiple times on repress, and Giallo will also be released as a vinyl 12" in 2023 after the digital release this October.


You can pre-save Robohands' 'Giallo' here.

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