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PREMIERE: Dundundun - Dun In Outer Space (Ishmael Ensemble Remix)

The hypnotic Bristolian 6-piece Dundundun are due to drop their debut EP through champions of the Bristol scene Worm Discs. Moulding forward-looking sounds with intimate African and Latin rhythms, their first release sees fellow Bristolian Ishmael Ensemble invited on to warp Dundundun's interpretation of Sun Ra's 'Love In Outer Space' - aptly named 'Dun in Outer Space'.

Whilst the original fluxes between a calm, chirpy waltz and heavy futuristic sonics, the Ishmael Ensemble remix begins with ambient and spatial sounds before injecting a burst of hefty head-nodding energy. Fuelled with dark punkish energy reminiscent of Melt Yourself Down or The Comet is Coming, the tune is transformed with thundery and crunchy electronics, sending Dundundun on an even greater chaotic journey.

The booming Bristolian scene has been blooming over the past few years, but it's now flexing it's musical muscles - showing us why it deserves to be centre stage.


Dundundun is Justin Fellows (Drums), Jackson Lapes (Percussion), Benji Muscat (Bass), Dorian Childs Prophet (Keys + Synths), Ben Plocki (Baritone Sax) and Brian Hargreaves (Tenor Sax).

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