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Orbifolia - himehabu (Single Release)

Ambient, vibrant and transcendent, the debut single and release from the up-and-coming psychedelic outfit is a mean feat – introducing himehabu.

Deriving their name from a venomous Japanese pitviper snake, this plucky Leeds-5-piece group are determined to make a name from themselves.

Like venom, their debut single ‘Orbifolia’ is a burst and flow of warm liquid psychedelia which helps us escape in twisted times. The lyrics, sung by vocalist and bassist Kyle Ellerbeck, are pertinent during these times, as he pensively reflects the state of society and the way we connect with the future.

With a punk-psych spirit, the group’s instrumentals dance and drip into each other, reflecting their vigour and sense of purpose. Considering this is their debut release, the depth, layers and textures which the group produce are mighty impressive. The space they allow for each player, such as Jemima Edward’s thoughtful keys, Joe Scott’s shredding guitar or the tight accentuated rhythms of Ben Lee, is pertinent but not insincere.

The last portion of the song builds with a trickling key passage, a pulsing bass, an impressive hi-hat pattern as we lifted out by Scott’s slicing guitar, leaving the listener fully immersed and waiting to be guided to our next destination. We’ve bought our ticket, let’s see where himehabu will take us next – we can’t wait.


himehabu consists of Kyle Ellerbeck on vocals and bass guitar, Jemima Edwards on keys and synth, Joe Scott on guitar, Ben Lee on drums and Hamish Irvine on alto saxophone.

Buy Orbifolia on Bandcamp here. Stream it via Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube.

Keep up-to-date with himehabu here:


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