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NikNak 'Bashi X2' Album Launch + edv3ctor (DJ) with Jazz Revelations at The Vinyl Whistle

We're excited to be hosting and interviewing Leeds DJ-Producer-Composer-Turntablist NikNak at her album launch of 'Bashi X2' at The Vinyl Whistle, Leeds, this Saturday 20th November.

NikNak celebrates the vinyl release of her LP 'Bashi X2' which will be released on 26th November via Kynant Records and we will be livestreaming the record and taking an in-depth look into the LP's conception by interviewing NikNak.

edv3ctor will then perform a live DJ set spinning some fine selections for those attending the event in person.

The livestream will be available to watch on Jazz Revelations, NikNak and The Vinyl Whistle Facebook pages. To come down to see the livestream and DJ set in person, tickets can be bought here.

Leeds-based, abstract turntablist, NikNak – the first Black turntablist to win an Oram Award - introduces Bashi, meaning “peace” in Turkish. It is a collection of sounds recorded in Turkey, then later manipulated live in 2019 via Turntablism improvisation.

By combining dub delays & echoes, complex Turntablism techniques and original soundscape material, NikNak passionately retells her experiences in Turkey through 10 tracks of immersive ambient sound.

Resident Advisor said that Bashi is " ambient album that pays homage to the concept of peace in various ways, perhaps functioning as an illustration of what peace might sound like to NikNak. With these soft and tranquil sounds, she has created an immersive world that also works to focus the mind ... There is an infectiously soothing energy running through Bashi, thanks to the way NikNak alters the environmental samples, such as the dynamic range of the raindrops in "Compass" and the intentional breaks in the background waves in "Punch.""

"The album's fresh atmosphere makes the listener conscious of their surroundings, changing the way in which people might process simple sounds encountered in everyday life. The second half of the album sees NikNak using vocals from children, potentially reflecting peace as a reminder of the innocence often associated with youth. "Finale" consists of intriguing sounds that absorb your attention, combined with frequent hollow spaces and reverb effects that allow this sustained attention to linger further."

She created Bashi by manipulating and processing samples through her decks. First released digitally in November 2020, now the album is expanded with a live edit and remixes from Bristol 140-don Pinch and Kamau (FKA Darling Farah). Bashi X2 has also been remastered by Neel.

An Oram Award-winning and history making storyteller in her own right, Nicole Raymond (NikNak) is devoted to developing her unique practice as a DJ & Turntablist, sound artist/composer, producer, tutor, sound engineer and radio presenter.

She is also a strong advocate for diverse representation in the music industry, especially within DJ/Turntablism culture and music production realms, and for musician wellbeing/mental health.

Based in the UK, you’ll find Nicole digging for vinyl or comic books, gigging, experimenting and sharing her music tastes to diverse audiences, delivering engaging sessions with students to develop their DJ skills, and running/curating events such as "Dub Sirens" and "Melanin".

Nicole has also performed at festivals such as Wilderness Festival with Live Art Bistro, Handmade Festival, Chin Up Festival, We Out Here Festival, Leeds International Festival, World Island Festival, Algorave Festival, Brighton Fringe Festival with House of Verse, Leeds Digital Festival, Bradford Literature Festival, Marsden Jazz Festival and Tor Fest.

To date, she has supported DJ Format, Jon 1st, Akala, Chynna, MJ Cole, Dan Kye, Bradley Zero, Cakes Da Killa, Jungle Brown, J-Live, Grandmaster Flash (twice), SEED Ensemble, Abstract Orchestra, Madlib, Lady Leshurr, Saul Williams, King Midas Sound, LayFullStop, Children of Zeus, Awate, TY, Project Hilts, Lowkey, Moses Boyd, Necktr, Commodo, Object Blue, Bambooman, Boe&LX, Pye Corner Audio, Tommy Cash, Yves Tumor, Karnage Kills, Harleighblu, Agama and Princess Nokia.

NikNak is also a member of The Belgrave House Band and TC and the Groove Family. She has also presented on radio stations such as Demon FM, Sable Radio, Worldwide FM, Balamii Radio, BBC Radio Leeds and KMAH Radio.

Come on down for an evening full of electronica, turntablism and good times!


5:00pm Doors

6:00pm - 7:00pm Album Livestream & Interview with NikNak

7:00pm - 9:00pm edv3ctor DJ Set


Buy tickets for the evening here:

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Buy Bashi X2 here:

Follow NikNak here:

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