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MOONFISH - WATCH the new project from Maria Chiara Argirò and Riccardo Chiabert

Moonfish is the exciting new project from keyboardist and composer Maria Chiara Argirò and drummer Riccardo Chiaberta.

The project combines piano, keyboard and synths with drums, bass synth and electronics. Both are an integral part of the London jazz community, appearing and recording individually with artists such as RosieTurton, Kinkajous, Liran Donin, Bruno Heinen, Kettle of Kites and These New Puritans.

Maria, a London-based Italian pianist, has quickly become a favourite of ours at Jazz Revelations, with Ally talking to Maria ahead of the release of the charming concept album - Hidden Seas.

Their debut single - 'Drop of Water' - is a lush dialogue between piano/synths and drums/bass synth. The single features layers of dark electronics, underpinned by a fresh and energetic drum beat. Drawing on mutual influences including Aaron Parks, Bonobo, Radiohead and Kneebody, this single is the first in a series of upcoming single releases, offering a new perspective on the piano and drums duo.

Their swirling, dark debut release, released via Cavalo Records, is accompanied with an equally encapsulating video, filmed by Jordan Laith Rawi with visuals by Natan Sinigaglia.

Filmed by Jordan Laith Rawi Visuals by Natan Sinigaglia

With such a fresh sound, we really can't wait to see where this project leads.


Buy and stream 'Drop of Water' here:

Keep up-to-date with Moonfish here:


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