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!K7 launch jazz-based label Ever Records

Influential independent label !K7 Records has launched its own jazz offshoot - Ever Records. Ever Records aims to help lead the way within the contemporary jazz scene and help lift the genre to a higher level.

Horst Weidenmüller, CEO of !K7, stated "Over recent years, we have enjoyed working with !K7's various label partners on many different new incarnations of jazz. It is one of the most exciting genres in terms of musical openness and has undefined possibilities beyond genres which has always been a hallmark of !K7's approach to music".

The jazz imprint will be headed up by Siofra McComb and Steve "Abbo" Abbott, who manages well-known acts such as Zara McFarlane, Cassie Kinoshi (Seed Ensemble) and Jules Buckley. Siofra will move from Head of Marketing at !K7 to Head of A&R at Ever Records.

The label's first new signing is London-based sextet Kansas Smitty's. "Kansas Smitty’s speak to our idea of what jazz should be," says Siofra McComb. The group grew out of the East London bar from which the group takes their name from, and the group is led by alto saxophonist and clarinettist Giacomo Smith. “It’s not a static concept, but a moving, breathing, living state of mind. They have never stopped developing their sound, steeped as much in early Kansas City Swing as in modern-day Spiritual Jazz."

Kansas Smitty's - Photo Credit: Adam Rogers

The group have released their debut track with Ever Records, called 'Riders'. “‘Riders’ is a soundtrack for long midnight journeys,” says Giacomo Smith, composer of and clarinettist on the band’s new single. “Night's fallen and the old-world mysticism of Europe is in your mind's eye... It's a cinematic track and the flagship tune of a new sound".

Kansas Smitty’s will be performing at Alexandra Palace on 23 November as part of London

Jazz Fest presented by Ronnie Scott’s – the legendary jazz venue where the band have

played sold-out shows (you can buy tickets here).

Kansas Smitty's new album will be released via Ever Records in Spring 2020.


You can follow Ever Records here:

You can keep up-to-date with Kansas Smitty's via the links below:


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