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Jackson Mathod - 'On Rotation' (Feature)

Trumpeter and producer Jackson Mathod joined us for 'On Rotation' with the recent release of his latest project COME ON NOW, which follows on from his debut 2021 album Travels in a Confined Space.

'On Rotation' sees some of Jazz Revelations' favourite artists reveal some of their music which they're digging right now - whether it's contemporary or a heritage pick - to dig deeper into their musical minds.

Jackson Mathod - On Rotation - Jazz Revelations
Jackson Mathod | Credit: David Wren

The EP set out with one mission statement: In times when everything can feel too heavy and complicated, have fun, move and enjoy the amazing musicianship that Jackson has created with his musical community.

The project features a stellar cast of artists, including multi-instrumentalist David Mrakpor (Blue Lab Beats) and drummer Mcknasty, each track was recorded in a different studio with a variety of musicians.

Jackson Mathod - On Rotation - Jazz Revelations
Jackson Mathod | Credit: David Wren

Reflecting on COME ON NOW, Jackson says, "[It] feels like a transitional body of work off the back of my debut and the pandemic. Although written by myself, it's the first time I've had other musicians come in and add their own stamp to my music, something that wasn't easy during a pandemic. My music is about diversity and collaboration, so I'm super proud of how this has turned out."

Oscar Jerome - Use It

"I'm going to start with a track, from Oscar Jerome, called 'Use It'. It's from his brand-new album The Spoon, and it's the last track on the album. And, it's just a vibe, it's got a great groove, and some great percussion on it."

"He's an artist I'd really like to work with in the future".

Jackson Mathod - Come On Now

"For my second track, I'm going to choose the title track from my new EP, COME ON NOW."

"This is a funky number, which features some amazing musicians, including"MckNasty" (Joshua McKenzie), Charlie Allen, Luke Smith, and most notably, Joey Grant who, unfortunately, passed away a couple of months ago, which was a big shock to us all. He played bass on the track, so I'd really like to dedicate this EP to him in his memory. Thank you Joey!"

Gil Evans - Las Vegas Tango

"For my last track, I'm going to choose 'Las Vegas Tango', by Gil Evans. Gil is most notable for his work with Miles Davis, on albums such as Sketches of Spain and Porgy and Bess, and Miles Ahead, as well."

"[He was] an incredible arranger, and musician, but this is from his album The Individualism of Gil Evans, which I've only just heard recently, it features Wayne Shorter who is an incredible saxophonist, as I'm sure you know."

"But yeah, this track... the instrumentation, the vibe, it's just got it all. So, I think more people should hear it. So, yes, 'Las Vegas Tango'."


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