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George Bloomfield - Why Didn't You? (Single Review)

Leeds multi-instrumentalist and producer George Bloomfield returns with the breathtaking lead single of his upcoming debut EP, both titled 'Why Didn't You?' as the song reveals a personal and deeply emotive piece of music close to the musician's heart. The single feels like a perfect springtime song that has soft indie-jazz-funk vibes that glitter through into shimmering rays of kaleidoscopic beauty.

Written about the sudden death of his best friend, the song captures a distinct feeling of nostalgia as the tone from all the rhythm and horn instruments feels melancholic. The effect of the instrumentation coupled with the ambiguous meaning of the lyrics really demonstrates Bloomfield's talent to relay his own feelings into music that any listener can tap into - this gift Bloomfield has should not be underrated.

Whilst the personal meaning behind this song may reveal tough emotions to work through for Bloomfield, the exquisite guitar playing honours a celebration of the fine musicianship both he and his late best friend strived towards in making music together and is something that has become apparent in all of his releases to date. The drive to create completely immersive soundscapes was heard on 'Twelfth' and 'Push Back the Sun' last year and the guitar on 'Why Didn't You?' channels this deep soul and psychedelia feeling that bears resemblance to the emotive tracks of Puma Blue and Oscar Jerome.

Speaking on the process of creating the EP, it was important for George to maintain full creative and technical control in communicating his feelings through music when sculpting the four tracks:

"As the pandemic continually hindered my opportunity to get into a recording studio, I decided to embrace a more DIY approach to creating the record at home. I write in a similar way to an electronic producer by continually adding loops and textures but using only live instruments, and the freedom of working from home gave me the possibility to create as many layers as I wanted with no restrictions."

Whilst elements of indie, jazz, blues, funk and bossa combining in Bloomfield's lofi sound, his eclectic musical vocabulary has led him to explore new instruments such as the ‘Xiao’ Chinese Bamboo Flutes and Ghungroo Bells to push his arrangements to new heights. These sounds will be heard fully on 7th May when the self-released EP will come out.


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