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George Bloomfield - Goodnight (Video Review)

Indie-jazz guitarist and composer George Bloomfield releases a stunning stop motion music video for his new single 'Goodnight'.

The Leeds-based musician's new track details his experience with grief after losing his best friend a couple of years ago.

The stop motion music video was self-made and used over 2000 photos from books found in charity shops. The narrative of the video fits the song as the movement between surreal images piecing together the thoughts discussed in the song's lyrics (as seen below) creates an incredible trip of audiovisual stimulation.

Sometimes I,

don't sleep at night.

Your face arrives,

In the absence of daylight.

Stare ahead,

black ceiling sky.

Lonely as I,

drifting through time.

Close your eyes, and say goodnight,

Say goodbye

Through the day,

You slip out my mind.

I can rely,

On you back in the nighttime.

Stay for a while,

Cast back my thoughts,

That's it for now,

Same time tomorrow night

Close your eyes, and say goodnight

say goodbye

The music itself is soothing and reflective, with the horns purring along to the main guitar melody which has chilled, reverbed tones. The guitar licks alongside this always have a magnetic effect that draws you closer into Bloomfield's music too.

Some of the most striking images mirror the stark reality of Bloomfield facing the loss of his friend. The child moving behind the moving skyscrapers with just one eye in shot captivates this idea of his friend's absence and not being able to see him properly again, aside from what lives in Bloomfield's mind.

Zooming into the character sat alone on sand dunes reflects the loneliness that resonates through the melancholic instrumentation too. The visualisation of the child's mind with the brain scrunching back and forth as well as presents the struggle to deal with grief too.

It is a wonderfully curated video that matches such a beautiful interpretation of grief and what it means to someone, and highlights just how talented Bloomfield is in composing heartfelt music.

His journey through navigating these feelings of giref shaped some of the music he released last year on his EP 'Why Didn't You?' where he channelled his emotions into his songwriting (check out our interview with him about it here). The title track of the EP was performed as a live session at the Green Room Studios in Leeds with his new live band George Bloomfield & Friends, a 7-piece act who recently played at Leeds Jazz Festival too.

With a successful single launch for 'Goodnight' happening two weeks ago too, Bloomfield is gaining industry support from local music organisation Music:Leeds Launchpad who have helped Bloomfield with this release. This work follows on from a lot of TV/film composition work Bloomfield has grown into over the past year too. Check out all his music endeavours on the links below.


George Bloomfield 'Why Didn't You?':

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