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EVENT: Pretend with Jazz Revelations

In the finale of a three-part series hosting some of the best emerging DJs in the UK, our friends at Pretend have invited Ally down to represent Jazz Revelations to The Book Club Shoreditch.

Representing the brand, Ally will be spinning some of the tunes we're loving right now.

Pretend with Jazz Revelations - 19 August 2021

Pretend with Jazz Revelations - Doors, timings and event details

21:00 - Doors

22:00-00:00 - Ally J Steel, founder of Jazz Revelations

00:00-02:00 - Pretend DJs and special guests

Pretend with Jazz Revelations - Tickets

Pretend with Jazz Revelations - 19 August 2021 - The Book Club Shoreditch

About Pretend

Pretend are a community of creatives working to help make the UK music scene more accessible and fun. They are committed to promoting musical and creative communities that make the world a better place and in doing so, aiming to bring joy to those who join them on their journey.

Jazz Revelations Selects

If you can't wait until Thursday to get your Jazz Revelations fix, don't worry, we've got you covered.

Check out our Jazz Revelations Selects Spotify playlist, to check out a selection of the music we're digging right now.


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