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Demonise - Long Legged Creatures (Audiovisual Single Release)

Leeds-based twisted electronica group Long Legged Creatures have a new audiovisual release for their single 'Demonise', a refined slammer of a song that explores themes of digitisation, self-descent and the 8bit devil incarnate.

Artwork – Ali Rigby

The group occupy an inventive middle ground between the artificial and analogically pure as they cultivate a hybrid live performance, ranging from a groove-laden club set that can quickly change into a complete hardcore punk show. The blending of these sonic capabilities come out crisply in 'Demonise' as Ross Wilson's magisterial production techniques gurgle through with Matthew Hill's hihat chicking building up to Beth O'Lenahan's fiery bass line that controls the groove with amazing authority. Ed Allen's guitar riff bends in an addictive eerieness, and this all leads to the breakdowns where the drums pound through; Wilson's production wobbles acidy and chunky energy as the bass bounces on the groove to allow for the guitar to slip and slide with the rest of the rhythm section.

The video to accompany the single is a walkthrough hateful paranoia, looking into the Leeds red-brick underbelly through the lens of the band's twitchy and elusive digital cult leader - AL.

The video looks in on AL, as he begins to lose control and his grasp on reality. He declares:

"In this world of communication, there is a lack of it. In this age of information, there is a weakened focus on fact. The force of connection turns to polarisation. In this world I fear, data is the only thing that is clear. This is my soundtrack. Welcome."

This single follows on from the previous video release of 'Spent', featuring fellow Leeds-based musician Joshua Zero and it was premiered through Nice People Magazine. The song has a different vibe to their previous releases and harnesses more of an indie-punk style with Zero's ingenious lyricism and social commentary accompanying it.

Since a raucous debut release in 2018 of the single 'Lack of Communication' - which has a plenty swirling electronics, fast-paced grooves and rippling bass lines - they have played alongside the likes of Mildlife, Necktr, Noya Rao, Slow Loris and Yussef Dayes at venues such as Hyde Park Book Club, Belgrave Music Hall and Brudenell Social Club.

After a summer of gigs around the UK in Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol and Yeovil for KALLIDA festival, the active release schedule will continue at the start of 2020 with a single launch tour for 'CMAD'. The song has fluid drums and bass locking in together with wonky guitars and excellently resonates their authenticity in style and execution of electronica madness. Check out their 2018 live session of the tune they did for Leeds label Tight Lines:

The tour starts in Leeds January 17th at Hyde Park Book Club then will continue on to Liverpool on January 23rd, Sheffield on January 29th and Manchester on 30th January. As they start to release more tunes and showcase their unique sound to audiences outside of Leeds, the group seem set to be on their way to succeed in titillating fans with dark, crunching and experimental bangers. The future looks bright for Long Legged Creatures.


You can listen to 'Demonise' via Spotify:

And see more of their music on their YouTube channel:

Their Leeds Single Launch for 'CMAD' is on January 17th at Hyde Park Book Club, for more info on the event visit here:

You can keep up to date with Long Legged Creatures via these links:

Long Legged Creatures are: Beth O'Lenahan - Bass; Josh Ketch - Drums: Ross Wilson - Production; Seb Knee-Wright - Guitar.


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