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Cold Water - Necktr (Rapid Review)

Cold Water

Released: 11th October 2019

Single Rating: 4/5

Explosive 9-piece fusion group Nectkr are set to release their latest single ‘Cold Water’ on the 11th of October via Wormfood Records. The Leeds-based band blend elements of hip-hop, afrobeat, neo-soul and jazz into their work to create their signature sound, reminiscent of other groups such as Nubiyan Twist and Mansion of Snakes. Recently, the group have supported the likes of Gilles Peterson and performed at festivals such as Boomtown, Kendal Calling and Ealing Jaz festival. The single follows on from their impressive debut 2018 extended play release Something’s Happening.

This latest single builds upon their distinctive sound which the group have forged over the past few years. ‘Cold Water’ starts with a slightly eerie and psychedelic feel, typified by guest Esme Higgins’ haunting vocals, before the whole vibe of the song switches and pops into life with an energetic groove. The groove then dies away to let Esme take centre stage, her beautifully effortless and tender vocals describing the dark setting of someone being trapped within an abusive relationship. The horns of Poppy William-Daniels and Max Purcell-Burrows then lead the charge as the group’s builds in force through an ever-thickening texture, leading into a wonderful jazz-influenced keys solo by Nix Ward.

To those who may not be familiar with Necktr’s work, ‘Cold Water’ demonstrates the band's utterly unique songwriting ability. The way in which the group structure and build their songs is so distinctive. Nectkr has the capacity to pull together so many ideas within a single song, and yet makes these ideas flow into each other when it could result in chaos. The way 'Cold Water' unfolds allows the band to showcase it’s force and depth of musicality. The single exhibits each member's exceptional talent and the buoyant synergy within the group.

‘Cold Water’ is lively, groovy and sophisticated. It’s another enthralling release from an emerging band with a radiant future ahead of them.


Keep up to date with the group here:

Seb Knee-Wright - Guitar

Christian Veitch - Guitar

Nix Ward - Keys Patrick Hand - Bass

Tim Cook - Drums/Percussion

Greg Burns - Drums/Percussion/BVs

Max Purcell-Burrows - Trombone

Poppy William-Daniels - Trumpet

The track also features the guest vocals of Esme Higgins.


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