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Chip Wickham - 'On Rotation' (Feature)

Saxophonist, flautist, and composer Chip Wickham joins us for 'On Rotation', following the recent release of his debut album for Gondwana Records Cloud 10, an utterly timeless record.

'On Rotation' sees some of Jazz Revelations' favourite artists reveal some of their music which they're digging right now - whether it's contemporary or a heritage pick - to dig deeper into their musical minds.

Chip Wickham - On Rotation - Jazz Revelations
Chip Wickham | Credit: Kela Coto

Kyoto Jazz Sextet - Forest Mode

"My contemporary pick is from Kyoto Jazz Sextet, from Japan, and it's a track they've just released called 'Forest Mode'. I love this track, for the way they mix old and new, which is what I love".

"They've got this deep, jazz sound, but massively contemporary about it. They're always full of energy - wonderful stuff!"

Chip Wickham - Tubby Chaser

"Right, my next pick is 'Tubby Chaser', from the new album Cloud 10. I thought I'd include this, as it's a banger!"

"This is my homage to the mighty Tubby Hayes..."

Jazzanova - Joy Road

"My last pick, is the return of the mighty Jazzanova, from Germany."

"They've got a brand new album out [Strata Records: The Sound of Detroit - Reimagined by Jazzanova] and it's wonderful, and this is one of my favourite tracks on the album - 'Joy Road'."


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