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Cashmere Tears - Kojey Radical (Rapid Review)

Released: 13 September 2019

EP Rating: 5/5

Favourite Track: 'Can't Go Back' (track 5)

Hoxton-raised fashionista, artist, tequila bottle designer, poet and rapper Kojey Radical has released his third project Cashmere Tears. Following on from 2017’s In Gods Body, Cashmere Tears is a 10-track extended play release and his first full project since signing with Asylum Records UK.

Describing this project as a “meal for the soul”, the MOBO-award nominated artist has once again produced music which demonstrates him wearing his heart on his sleeve. Cashmere Tears acutely touches upon Kojey’s battle with depression, mental health, personal tragedies and his problems in dealing with the expectations and realities faced in the brutally demanding music industry, revealed by tunes like ‘Can’t Go Back’ (track 3).

Throughout the entire record, Kojey’s lyrics are honest and frank. It seems that for this latest outing Kojey has unremittingly tapped into his heart and soul, pouring out all of the thoughts and feelings that have been felt over the past few years and tied them together with lyrical eloquence and finesse. But it’s not just his lyrics which are commendable, as Cashmere Tears is instrumentally brilliant as it is lyrically. The brass filled hooks and vocoder moments unashamedly points to Swindle’s producing role in the project, alongside a helping hand from KZ, KYU, Maverick Sabre and Amaarae. Kojey Radical’s plethora of artistic talent also extends to his vocal abilities, as he jumps between the fast-flowing ‘Where Do I Begin’ (track 1), the gravelly force of ‘2020’ (track 2), the Prince-reminiscent singing of ‘Hours’ (track 6) or the raw soulful balladry of the final track ‘Last Night’ (track 10).

Cashmere Tears is clearly a very personal project for the artist. It is full of energy, maturity, grit, honesty and beauty, revealing Kojey’s varied musical influences and prowess. Two years after his last project, Kojey has moulded nothing short of a musical masterstroke.



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