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Camilla George - 'On Rotation' (Feature)

Saxophonist, bandleader, and composer Camilla George joined us for 'On Rotation', following the recent release of her album Ibio Ibio on Ever Records (part of the K7 Music family). Her strong cultural roots and love of fusing African and Western Music has informed her own unique style.

'On Rotation' sees some of Jazz Revelations' favourite artists reveal some of their music which they're digging right now - whether it's contemporary or a heritage pick - to dig deeper into their musical minds.

Camilla George - On Rotation - Jazz Revelations
Camilla George | Credit: Daniel Adhami

Camilla's music is a hypnotising blend of Afrofuturism, hip hop, and jazz, with a politically minded subtext that has a powerful connection to her Nigerian identity, lineage and heritage, reflecting African history, culture and slavery.

Camilla George - On Rotation - Jazz Revelations
Camilla George | Credit: Daniel Adhami

Her latest studio album, Ibio Ibio, is a tribute to her tribe the Ibibio people of South Eastern Coastal Nigeria. The album features an incredible lineup, including Daniel Casimir, Sarah Tandy, Winton Clifford, Renato Paris, Sheila Maurice-Grey, Rosie Turton, Shirley Tetteh, hip hop drummer, Daru Jones, Birmingham based rapper, Lady Sanity and Sam Jones.

Kokoroko - Something's Going On

"My contemporary pick is 'Something's Going On', by Kokoroko"

"I've chosen this track because, number one, I LOVE Kokoroko. I love the neo-soul intro, and the modern twist on Afrobeats vibes. It's amazing".

Camilla George - Abasai Isang

"My next pick is 'Abasi Isang', from my album Ibio Ibio, because it represents joy, celebration, and togetherness".

Kenny Garrett - Jackie & The Bean Stalk

"My last pick is 'Jackie & The Bean Stalk', by Kenny Garrett, from his amazing album Black Hope, one of my favourite, all-time albums".


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