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Autumn 2022 Podcast

Our Autumn 2022 is now live!

Oscar Jerome - The Spoon
SINGLE ARTWORK: Oscar Jerome - The Spoon | ©Oscar Jerome

Ally J Steel teams up with Luca House to explore some of the finest releases of the beginning of the Autumn, with music from Oscar Jerome, The Comet Is Coming, Yazmin Lacey, and more.

Check it out below...

Presented by Ally J Steel, with co-host Luca House. Production by Max White / Lucky Mile Productions.


1) Surprise Chef - Iconoclasts

2) Obongjayar - Wrong For It ft. Nubya Garcia


4) Evil Needle - Tendre

5) Cookin Soul - Nigh Swims ft. Kinsang

6) Say She She - Prism

7) Son Little - drummer

8) Oscar Jerome - Channel Your Anger

9) YUNGMORPHEUS & Theravada - Beneath the Visage

10) Blood Orange - Jesus Freak Lighter

11) Ibibio Sound Machine - Heroes

12) The Comet Is Coming - TECHNICOLOUR

13) Davishmar - A Rose Blooms in Chaos

14) Bingo Fury - Cash for Chloe

15) Robert Glasper - Twice

16)Salamanda - Truffles Sprinkles

17) Commodo - cclarity

18) Stick in the Wheel - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme ft. Jon1st

19) Yazmin Lacey - Pieces

20) Matthew Halsall - The Temple Within

21) Laufey - Falling Behind

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