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Archie Baker - Holiday (Single Review)

Sheffield-based guitarist Archie Baker has released the first single 'Holiday' from his upcoming debut EP Adult Fiasco, set to be released in December this year.

The song, released on label Adult Fiasco, displays Baker's talent as a composer as the music moves from a relaxing soulful mood to a high energy funker, very similar to the style of Leeds' Mamilah.

The soul-fusion track starts off with some chillin guitar alongside his casual vocal delivery, a deep voice that matches the power of the bass that sits in tight on the rhythm section. The composition shifts to an afrobeat groove, with a patient buildup before the sax returns from its catchy phrasing earlier in the song for a blaring and energetic solo. Shades of Nubiyan Twist, Lawrence and Vulfpeck can be heard in this track as the lively outro feels quite anthemic as the sax's melody blends together well with the vocals.

The London-born musician has been involved in the Sheffield music scene for the past few years, having joined a local soul/blues function band to help hone his craft and start writing his own music. His fusion of genres is apparent in fellow rock-fusion band ALSKA, for whom he is the guitarist and vocalist as Baker is developing his own brand of modern blues with his eclectic guitar playing. His distinctive style that creates easily memorable hooks will appeal to a wider audience even more once the full EP is released later in the year.


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