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Alfa Mist releases second single 'Mulago' from upcoming album

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Pianist Alfa Mist has released his second single 'Mulago' from his upcoming third album Structuralism, which will be released on April 26th on Sekito Records.

'Mulago' arrives in a very similar vein to his previous work, with the atmospheric piano featuring spoken word in the background similar to 'Keep On' from his second album Antiphon - however it certainly doesn't disappoint as it is the perfect partner to the first single 'Retainer'.

Alfa Mist has released a live performance of 'Retainer' at Pink Bird Recording on YouTube as we get to see the beautiful craft and structure to this song. It includes a strings interlude which is brilliant despite seeming slightly out of place initially, as it bridges the three sections together in a de-stressing, lounging feeling.

The upcoming eight-song album will feature musicians Jordan Rakei and Kaya Thomas-Dyke again too after appearing on his previous albums. With the release of these two singles to date, the album promises to be another masterpiece by Alfa Mist.


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