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1020 Radio x Jazz Revelations

Starting on Wednesday the 21st of September, we're excited to reveal that Ben Lee and Ally J Steel will co-host a monthly slot on 1020 Radio!

The slot will see the pair representing Jazz Revelations every third Wednesday of the month from 12:00-13:00, exploring the connections between jazz, hip-hop and electronica, striving to uncover the best jazz-influenced music across the spectrum. The show will regularly feature guests, mixes, and more...

Since 2015, 1020 Radio has celebrated and strived to elevate underground arts and music coming out of Bristol, the UK and across the globe, whilst keeping community at its core.

1020’s residents share their voices and explore their creativity, from the weird, the wonderful, and the familiar to the unknown. The platform has become a tastemaker, allowing listeners to discover global sounds, scenes and communities.

Here are the dates for the remainder of 2022:

21 September 2022 | 1200-1300

19 October 2022 | 1200-1300

16 November 2022 |1200-1300

21 December 2022 |1200-1300


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