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PREMIERE: Sunkissed Child - Monday Grind

Leeds-based artist Sunkissed Child returns with her second single release, 'Monday Grind' to be self-released on 3 November 2022 - check it out below.

A Lebanese woman sits on an orange floor wearing a black top, skirt and boots with a patterned hair scarf
Photo by Misha @mwvisual

Delving into hustle culture and her own ambitions, there is a darkness to the mood of the song brewing with the keys chilling through.

Yasmina, aka Sunkissed Child, delivers a punchy and captivating take on focusing on your purpose and pushing yourself to be something. With flute and saxophone textures rippling through, this alternative R&B single symbolises female empowerment and is here to bring you back to reality and bring out your best self. Yasmina says:

"In the world we live in, with social media looming on us, it’s important to believe in yourself, your craft, and your future. As a woman, I don’t hesitate to set myself ambitious goals. 'Monday Grind’ is my own reminder of that".

This self-belief is reflected in Yasmina's clever lyricism, particularly with highlighting the pressures of social media in the line "going back is a no go, so I fight on till you ask for a photo".

Despite emphasising the drawbacks of this culture and how we have become burnt out with lines like "no rest for the wicked twisted business", the song is here to motivate and Yasmina uses her Middle Eastern influences to create hypnotism to the sound.

Her vocal melody is confident but soothing and flows nicely with the deep groove of the drums. The outro elevates the song beautifully into an ethereal state and Yasmina shares her own ongoing battle with hustle culture with "I'm trying to figure myself out, so I can reach the stars".

Yasmina is certainly moving towards that ambition, as her debut single, ‘Come Round, Waste Time’ released in July 2022, gained significant industry support from BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 6, Reprezent Radio, and on multiple radio stations outside of the UK.

Based in Leeds but originating from Beirut, Lebanon, Yasmina tells her life story through a mix of cultures, languages, and genres. Her influences range from neo-soul, R&B, and hip-hop as well as from Lebanese, Arabic and Middle Eastern cultures.

Her talent is clear in performing in multiple languages, as well as rapping and performing in her own big bands she set up to perform her 'Live at Oranaise Café' sessions.

A Lebanese woman with a patterned hair scarf looks down holding both her shoulders in front of an orange background
Photo by Misha @mwvisual

Having played around Leeds at Brudenell Social Club, Live At Leeds in the City, and headlining Sofar Sounds and Hifi Club’s Sunday Joint, she has been able to share the stage with some of her contemporary influences from the area like B-ahwe and Tamzene.

Performing as part of the Yusuf Yellow and the Energy Collective and featuring on tracks with Plantfood, Yasmina is embedded into the current community of jazz musicians breaking through in Leeds and her ambitions for releases in 2023 will make sure she keeps rising.


You can pre-save Sunkissed Child 'Monday Grind' here.

Keep up-to-date with Sunkissed Child via her socials:

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