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Jake Mehew - 'Sage' Listening Party & Quadrophonic Modular Live Set

Jazz Revelations are excited to be hosting a Listening Party & Quadrophonic Modular Live Set down at our friends at Open Source Arts, Leeds, with composer/producer Jake Mehew on Thursday 3rd November.

Jake is celebrating his debut LP ‘Sage’ out on Leeds’ ATA Records (All Things Analogue) that came out on 16 September 2022. We'll be listening to the record from start to finish and chatting with Jake about the record and having an in-depth look into LP's conception.

Jake will then perform a Quadrophonic Modular Live Set, remixing ‘Sage’ and playing it through his modular synth connected to a quadrophonic sound system for an ambient re-imagining.

Buy tickets for the event here: Fixr

Jake’s work on ‘Sage’ combines principles of free improvisation with the technological considerations of the avant-garde. Using a combination of acoustic instruments, modular synthesisers and samplers, he creates rich, meditative soundscapes that envelope the listener in an immersive soundfield.

We are sure this will be a magical experience to take in ’Sage’ in an alternative, improvised way.


2000-2100: ‘Sage’ Listening Party & Interview

2115-2215: ‘Sage’ Quadrophonic Modular Live Set

"Completely stunning from the first track to the last taking us from the ethereal to the cinematic to the consciously beat laden. This is definitely a thing of beauty." - Tony Minvielle (Jazz FM)

"This is great work". - (Gilles Peterson) BBC6, Worldwide FM

"Fantastic stuff! Great album". - (Huey Morgan) BBC6

"Sage" is an exceptional debut album, a modern and contemporary take on what a spiritual jazz record can be today. Whilst keeping the ethos of spontaneous, unedited performance, Jake pushes the boundaries of the genre.

Lush Fender Rhodes keys on a bed of strong percussive grooves and solid basslines provide the foundation for powerful improvisations from the group, all of which is complimented by subtle analogue synth manipulation and production.

When we think of sage, we think of ritualism. We think of ineffable smoke which dissipates, providing a spiritual ambience when burnt, Analogies can be drawn between sage and the act of improvisation in a few unique ways.

Improvisation too is ineffable, presiding in the present, dissipating upon reflection. Improvisation also permits a state of ‘flow’ within the performer, similar to that of a ritualistic trance-like state. In the light, Sage is a modern and contemporary twist on what a spiritual jazz record can be.

This record is a body of work I created during a residency with Sage Gateshead in 2020, featuring a great line-up of musicians who have helped me make something truly special. This is an exploration of what a contemporary 21st century spiritual jazz record can sound like.

It has all the hallmarks of 70’s jazz fusion, with lush Fender Rhodes piano, strong percussive grooves, textural turntables, playful improvisation, and an ambience that brings with it serene tranquillity.

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