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Wondering How - Mondo Bizarre (Single Release)

Leeds 9-piece funk and soul groovers Mondo Bizarre have released their debut single 'Wondering How' via the Leeds label Not Quite Ripe.

Formed in 2018, the group have had a steady year of gigs around Leeds, headlining LSR's Transmission event at Brudenell Social Club and playing at the Wardrobe as part of the Jazz Leeds festival amongst other appearances at Belgrave, the Lending Room and Hyde Park Book Club. With a selection of original tunes tried and tested at these gigs, the band recorded 'Wondering How' with Osh.Production producing the track for them.

The song has a catchy summery riff that is emphasised by Alex Harrod's saxophone and Elena Platt's trumpet phrasing as Bella Quirin and Freya Thompson alternate with their soothing vocals. The breakdown offers a nice grunting bassline from Kyle Ellerbeck along with Jemima Edwards' surging synth and George Bloomfield's guitar wobbling as Harrod's sax builds up with intent. Thompson's flute solo offers a unique addition to this section as it whirls beautifully and makes for the most inspired part of the song. The power that radiates after the breakdown is typical of the kind of live performance from Mondo Bizarre as they consistently provide upbeat energy to all their gigs.

After having a successful single launch at Blueberry Hill Studios in conjuction with the 0800 Disco resident DJ's and fruity indie fusion group Arnold Ziff, one can't help but be excited about what new music lies in store for Mondo Bizarre in the upcoming year as we hope for more tremendous singles.


You can listen to 'Wondering How' via Spotify:

You can keep up to date with Mondo Bizarre via these links:

Mondo Bizarre are: Bella Quirin - Vocals; Freya Thompson - Vocals, Flute: George Bloomfield - Guitar; Alex Harrod - Saxophone; Elena Platt - Trumpet; Jemima Edwards - Keys, Synth; Kyle Ellerbeck - Bass; Sam Heffer - Drums; Ben Lee - Percussion.


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