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Salèmango 2019: Preview

Salèmango festival will be returning to Hyde Park Book Club (Leeds) on the 5th and 6th of June. The festival, now its third year, will celebrate Leeds' diverse DIY music and arts scene, collated by local indie record label Tight Lines.

The two-day festival is split across an array of spaces within the venue, with stages being hosted by Tight Lines, Small Talk Collective, Powerhouse and The Mabgate Swingers Party.

The first day (Wednesday 5th) possibly has the most diverse music line-up, with acts such as electronica inspired Straight Girl, psychedelic jazz group Vipertime and the punk-infused Zozo taking to the Tight Lines stage. Whilst on the Small Talk Collective Stage, acts include the indie-alt group Little Hand Feet, the funky-soul infused Sonic Blue as well as the trippy outfit Skwid Ink.

The second day (Thursday 6th June) is a celebration of the Leeds Jazz scene, with Mabgate Swingers Party hosting the Snug Bar and up and comers Powerhouse hosting the main room upstairs. On the Tight Lines Stage, we see 7-piece genre-bending jazz group Têtes de Pois (whose Framework EP was reviewed by us last month), progressive-jazz-fusion group Shaku, the neo-soul infused B-Ahwe and powerful soul group Mamilah. Alternatively, jazz-fusion group Roads and alt-folk band WATERSIDE are amongst those who take to the Powerhouse stage.

Across the two days, there will be multiple mural paints transforming HPBC and DJs performing outside, which includes Brazillian Wax, Andrew Devine (Natural Selection), DJ Lubi and Zoe Pea as well as some live performances throughout the day.

With Salèmango 2019, Tight Lines (and all those contributing to the festival) are once again harnessing the truly creative and collaborative spirit of the Leeds arts scene, with the festival looking set to be exciting, colourful and unique.

Tickets are available here (with 2nd Tier starting from £9):


DAY 1 (5th June)

Tight Lines Stage Straight Girl | ZoZo | Slow Loris | Beige Palace | Vipertime | Long Legged Creatures | Tall Talker | Small In Test Tubes

DAY 2 (6th June)

Tight Lines Stage Stretchy Dance Supply | HalliGalli | Ferg's Imaginary Big Band | Têtes de Pois | Shaku | HEV | B-ahwe | Mamilah | Ancient Infinity Orchestra | Hey Fish

PowerHouse Stage Tigerbythetail | Book | Roads | WATERSIDE | Theo Black | Zenith Group | Durdy Laundry

The Mabgate Swingers Party in the Snug The Mabgate Swingers Party | Jasmine | Ben Haskins Trio | LADY | In The Morning Lights | Jean Watson Collective | Hannah Willwood

Outside Brazilian Wax | Jazz Club | Andrew Devine | Zoe Pea | DJ Lubi Jovanovic | Calm Collective Yoga | Padawan Sound (Think Tank: A Place For Your Head) | Dixon | SNAKE OIL | George Addy (Mo Holo) | Mary Wortham | Lewis Stockdill | Endless City

You can find out more about the Salèmango 2019 event here:

Ticket Pricing:

FIRST DAY (5th June) 2nd Release £9.00

SECOND DAY (6th June) 2nd Release £12.00

BOTH DAYS (5th & 6th June) 2nd Release £17.00

FIRST DAY (5th June) Final Release £10.00

SECOND DAY (6th June) Final Release £15.00

BOTH DAYS (5th & 6th June) Final Release £20.00


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