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Plata - LESKY (EP Review)

Released: 17th April 2020

EP Rating: 3.5/5

Favourite Song: South Wes (feat. Cuebe)

Lo-fi beatmaker LESKY’s Plata is blissful and mellow sonic experience. Something which is seriously needed right now.

Plata is the young Cologne-based producer’s Melting Pot Records debut, having set his name alongside the Flemish beatmaker and trumpeter Phlocalyst with their Serendipity EP. Phlocalyst returns to lend his trumpet sound on Plata, along with The Breed’s keys and the production oversight of Flynn and Cuebe.

‘In Italy’ gently sets the scene, with an expansive sound which is paired with beautiful trickling keys. With a strong steady bass line, ‘Triple Double’ bursts through with the help of a low-pass filter, paired with vibes and The Breed’s synth sounds which are reminiscent of Roy Ayers. ‘Nightfeel’’s wobbling pinched trumpet sound harks to the sounds of Jeff Parker’s latest record - Suite for Max Brown. We hear Wes Montgomery’s guitar being borrowed for ‘South Wes’, with his guitar brilliant bouncing off the keys as they have a bright exchange. ‘Love Traces’ rounds off the EP with ethereal and extra-terrestrial tones, as Phlocalyst calmly floats behind the synths and beneath the beat.

Mixing bold lo-fi beats, jazz-hop vibes and sturdy samples, LESKY has created a congenial and warm release, which firmly traces the legacy of J Dilla, MF Doom and A Tribe Called Quest. LESKY’S Plata is ebullient and a comforting listen for contorting times.


You can buy and listen to LESKY's Plata here.

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Produced and mixed by LESKY.

Keys and background vocals on “Triple Double” by The Breed.

“Once Again” co-produced by Flynn.

“South Wes” co-produced by Cuebe.

Trumpet and additional synth on “Love Traces” by Phlocalyst.

Mastered by Roe Beardie at The Brewery, Cologne.


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