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Necktr - Grow (Single Review)

Leeds eight-piece Necktr return with a brand new belter, the single 'Grow', featuring three remixes from some of Leeds' finest up-and-coming producers Breaka, Sourpuss, and Adam Pits & Dubrunner.

They state 'Grow' offers an insight to their other influences as they are fusing the energy of West African music with layered atmospheric sounds - a slight move away from their usual mixture of catchy soul and jazz-funk as heard on their debut EP Something's Happening released back in late-2018.

The track starts with the guitars flickering infectiously as the drums and percussion keep it tight on the stabs for the beautiful horns phrasing. There is a more spiritual mood to the song which is brought out in the interlude before the breakdown. The trumpet and trombone push you up ethereally with the strings arrangement from Jed Holland, before the duet between Esme Bridie on vocals alongside B-âhwe's beautiful scatting offers an introspective and atmospheric soundscape. The guitar lick swerves with an abundance of reverb in the outro to allow the rest of the group to continually build-up to a cinematic ending.

The remixes are very tasty electronic additions to the new single. Breaka's use of the vocals to add a subtle jarring effect reverberate wonderfully on top of the repeating guitar riff, whilst Sourpuss focuses on some crunchy and punchy percussion to cut through all the melodies and rhythms. Adam Pits and Dubrunner's remix covers Necktr's previous single 'Cold Water' released in 2019, which allows an eerie atmosphere to pierce through the cascading percussion.

With more releases and collaborations set to arrive soon, Necktr are re-introducing their music with aplomb to the jazz scene, reminding us of their talent as they continue to rise out of the Leeds scene and appeal to the wider UK audience.


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