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Jazz Revelations - The next chapter.

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

2019 is the year which sees a new explorative chapter to Jazz Revelations - a chapter which presents a whole new set of exciting opportunities and creative output.

Jazz Revelations began as a concept in the final months of 2015. When I started at the University of Leeds, I joined Leeds Student Radio (LSR) where I began co-hosting and producing a specialist music show called "RPM Funk, Soul and Blues". Being involved in the show and station is where my love for radio and music broadcasting blossomed.

Following a semester of the show, I decided to branch out and create an entirely new show: Jazz Revelations. The concept behind the show was to demystify and quash generic stereotypes which are often thrown at the genre, which has been helped by the realignment and popularisation of "Jazz" through the thriving young British scene. The show continued throughout my time at university. It led me to many amazing opportunities, such as interviewing some of my favourite artists, engaging with some incredible Leeds-based music figures as well as landing a 6-month DJ residency at the "Hyde Park Jazz Club" (at Hyde Park Book Club).

Since graduating in the summer of 2018, I have yearned to keep the project going. At the tail-end of 2018, I released the first "JR" podcast which is a continuation and re-branded model of the original show. The idea behind the podcast is to explore contemporary jazz and related genres. This website/blog continues this idea, but I am excited to say I will no longer be alone in my exploits. I'll be aided by the help of two great friends, who I had the pleasure of meeting during my university days, Hamish Irvine and Ben Lee. These two are fantastic musicians who share my enthusiasm, passion and love for jazz. They co-founded this website and will be contributing to it. Words cannot describe how excited I am to see where this journey will lead us.

- Ally J Steel (3/3/19)


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