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B-âhwe - Bewitched (Single Review)

South London based neo-soul songstress B-âhwe releases an incredibly bittersweet but hauntingly beautiful lead single 'Bewitched' from her upcoming EP Motions.

After last year's stunning debut EP Nuance which featured sensational tracks like 'Sweet' and earned her our Breakthrough Artist of the Year award, the singer songwriter continues her storytelling arrangements that confront difficult topics with soothing instrumentals and poetic, elegant vocals that release these conversations into intimate stories.

Taking lyrical inspiration from Ella Fitzgerald’s take on the jazz standard ‘Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered’, as well as the words of Oscar Wilde, the song explores themes of youthful manipulation and the sting of a first love. The soft 'ooohs' layered behind the vocals reflect a pain felt from the emotional abuse that left B-âhwe seeing the world in a new light.

The rhythm section react and weave their playing to fit to the lyrics that pour out, with lines such as "his cruelty makes the love burn bright" and "I miss the me I was before" revealing the depth of emotions worked through in this track. The insturments flow with ease as much as they are crisp and tight to dramatically deliver these feelings. These topics are more important than ever to keep in conversation after an eye opening year caused by COVID, revealing the inescapable positions of many facing domestic abuse during the pandemic.

Her solo work and collaborations with underground UK hip-hop acts Lausse the Cat and Nix Northwest, alongside jazz-crossover quartet Yaatri, have seen industry-wide support as well as featuring with London jazzers Pyjæn and fellow Leeds soul-fusion act Necktr. Her work has been championed on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire, BBC Radio 6 and by the Future Bubblers team on Worldwide FM.

'Bewitched' demonstrates B-âhwe's breadth of beauty that her voice can reach, with the different vocal textures highlighting her heartfelt lyricism that's written into serene and graceful productions.


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